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Curated By: The Vintage Airstream Collection

Posted by Dre Rodriguez on

We are all big fans of all things vintage. Tried and true clothing with a lot of character. Mix the Southern California lifestyle that allows us to dress comfortable for the majority of the year and our love for vintage goods and you have Curated By: The Vintage Airstream Collection.

We strategically sourced vintage pieces with our staff here in Los Angeles and San Diego to bring you a vintage collection that represents us. Every piece is hand selected by a member of the staff. If you pick up a piece, chances are you'll get high fives from one of us while you checkout. You've been warned. This collection is located in the patio of our brick & mortar. If you find yourself on the Highway 101, give us a visit and check out the full collection. Vintage goods are here to stay and we're ok with that. Here's some of the first Univ Vintage collection pieces. 

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